a network of art, architecture and nature curatorial events in european cities

  • Data: 12 dicembre 2019 dalle 11:00 alle 18:00

  • Luogo: DAMSLab, Sala teatro, Bologna

Organised by Annalisa Trentin, Anna Rosellini, Amir Djalali

Since the end of the 1970s, exhibitions, museums and artistic events have gained a central role in shaping the transformation of the city. Art, culture and knowledge have become the instruments through which cities have faced the crisis of industrial economy and the rise of new paradigms and values of urban development, often hand-in-hand with processes of financial speculation and the intensification of social inequalities. Today, artistic practices, with their immediacy of means, their capacity to mobilize images and affects and their organisational structure, seem to have transformed the way in which cities are planned and built. What is the relation between art, artists and the city? How are artistic events transforming cities? Are curators the new architects and urban planners? Beyond the unmet promises of the "creative city," can curatorial practices become forms of care for our cities?
On December 12 we will discuss these issues with curators, scholars and artists such as Luca Galofaro (University of Camerino/Orléans Architecture Biennale), Andres Jaque (Columbia GSAPP/Manifesta), Sébastien Marot (EAVT Paris-Est/Lisbon Architecture Triennale), Marina Otero Verzier (Het Nieuwe Instituut/Oslo Architecture Triennale), Angela Rui (Design Academy Eindhoven/Design Biennale Ljubljana), Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli (Office for Metropolitan Architecture), Roberto Pinto (University of Bologna), Marina Reissner (Milano ArtLine), Léa-Catherine Szacka (University of Manchester), Elena Vai (University of Bologna/Bologna design week), Francesco Volta (Municipality of Bologna).

Organized by Department of Architecture, Department of Excellence Miur (L. 232 of 1/12/2016)