The event highlighted the project’s tools and innovations in Live Open Sessions

Pubblicato: 17 febbraio 2024 | Innovazione e ricerca

The Project GRETA’s journey culminated in the final conference in Bologna, 19th and 20th of October 2023.

In the two day event the consortium visited one of the case study sites in Pilastro-Roveri area and organized a live event in the prestigious library of the University of Bologna.

In the live event the researchers took the stage and presented some of the project’s most interesting findings, tools and innovations.

Watch the video compilation of the GRETA Final Conference!

The video takes you through the GRETA project’s final event in Bologna, presenting perspectives of the project’s researchers and important stakeholders in the city of Bologna where one of the case studies took place. In the video the local stakeholders highlight the project’s significance in accelerating ecological transition and express the hope for replication for the project on a larger scale. The video emphasizes GRETA’s impact in fostering engagement and providing valuable insights for sustainable energy practices, aiming to leave a legacy for the community.