Building Human Capital For Sustainable Infrastructure

Codice progetto: TC_4.1.2_190407_P125 -1C

Programma: MAVA - Sustainable infrastructure project

Call: MAVA - funding on Sustainable infrastructure project

This MAVA funded capacity building programme aims to support Local and Regional Governments and project developers in cities and regions to develop resilient, climate sensitive and socially inclusive infrastructure projects, with a focus on financial structuring to secure necessary investment. The programme targets sustainable infrastructure projects in Morocco and Western Africa that are in more advanced stages of project development and need support in financial structuring. The expected outcomes of this programme are to increase the development stage of concrete regional and municipal infrastructure projects through the delivery of training to the teams behind them. Project developments up to this reporting period can be summarised under four key work streams:

  1. Project management and coordination among the partnership and the target institutions;
  2. Development and delivery of online content that is one of the core training tool the project aims to adopt for supporting the growth of local teams in developing contexts;
  3. Development and delivery of 2 regional workshops which are the short term outcomes of the project to test the effectiveness of the proposed solutions for capacity building;
  4. Outreach and Building a community of practice which is the mid/long term outcome of the whole project.

Durata del progetto

09.2017 – 12.2019

Responsabile scientifico per il Dipartimento 

Jacopo Gaspari (Dipartimento di Architettura DA)


Skylar BEE


Climate-Kic Holding BV

University of Bologna – Department of Architecture

Fonds Mondial Pour Le Developpement Des Villes

Bankers Without Boundaries

AESS Agenzia per l’Energia e lo Sviluppo Sostenibile


Budget totale: Eur 385.000

Budget DA: Eur 15.200

Docenti e ricercatori collegati al progetto

Andrea BOERI


Danila LONGO


Settore ERC del progetto

SH3 Environment, Space and Population

PE8 Products and Processes Engineering