URBAN TRANSITION: Design for Adaptation | Resilient urban communities (Bologna)

Codice progetto: AREC0001_2015-1.1-014_P125-07

Programma: Climate KIC Catapult programme 2015

Call: Climate KIC Catapult programme 2015

Developed under the umbrella of the Urban Transition Theme and financed by EIT under the Climate KIC Catapult programme, the project explores  the adaptation potential of two areas in the city of Bologna, namely Bolognina district and Reno City, respectively associated to two relevant challenges related to Climate Change: the response to heat waves and urban heat island in dense urban context and the role of green corridors in driving the regeneration of former industrial sites and brownfields. The research approach focuses on human centered design where the creation of resilient communities is the core of the expected solutions.  The project follows the typical Climate KIC research environment coupling theoretical speculation with practical oriented experiences.

The main outcome of the programme is the delivery of an international summer school involving both PhDs and professionals from cross-related disciplines and creating tailored solution within the proposed real-life city challenges. The programme has been attended by people from several European countries and worldwide: Italy, USA, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Poland, Greece, Pakistan, Argentina offering very different perspectives and approaches in a very cooperative and intercultural work experience. Working groups and cases analysis were mixed with lectures and meetings with Climate Change national and international experts, researchers of the University of Bologna, Municipality and Districts representatives, local stakeholders and citizens associations.

Durata del progetto

01.2015 – 12.2015

Responsabile scientifico per il Dipartimento 

Jacopo GASPARI (Dipartimento di Architettura DA)


Dipartimento di Architettura DA (Jacopo GASPARI)


University of Bologna – Department of Architecture

City of Bologna

Urban Center Bologna



Budget totale: Eur 93.300

Budget DA: Eur 37.950

Docenti e ricercatori collegati al progetto

Andrea BOERI


Danila LONGO


Annalisa TRENTIN

Settore ERC del progetto

SH3 Environment, Space and Population

PE8 Products and Processes Engineering