URBAN TRANSITION: District regeneration decarbonising supply chains (Bologna - Lisbon)

Codice progetto: TC_4.1.2_190407_P125 -1C

Programma: Climate KIC Catapult programme 2019

Call: Climate KIC Catapult programme 2019

Developed under the umbrella of the Urban Transition Theme and financed by EIT under the Climate KIC Catapult programme, the project explores  the transition of two different urban environments in Bologna and Amsterdam potentially impacting on the city as a whole system: Bolognina neighbourhood in Bologna and Water city development in Lisbon Almada. The project follows the typical Climate KIC research environment mixing academic research methodology with market oriented solutions. The main outcome of the programme is the delivery of an international summer school involving both PhDs and professionals from cross-related disciplines and creating tailored solution within the proposed real-life city challenges. The programme was joined by people from several European countries and worldwide: Brazil, India, Italy, Lithuania, Mexico, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Slovakia, Thailand, USA and Venezuela, creating a very intercultural work environment dealing with Urban Transitions and Urban Regeneration topics. During the programme, participants worked in small, interdisciplinary design teams, to develop innovative solutions for lighthouse projects in strategic areas, applying collaborative, multi-perspective, cross-disciplinary approaches to design unconventional and creative ideas and solutions, in order to boost effective actions in the urban context closely cooperating with international experts, researchers of the University of Bologna, Municipality and Districts representatives, local stakeholders and citizens associations.

Durata del progetto

01.2019 – 12.2019

Responsabile scientifico per il Dipartimento 

Jacopo GASPARI (Dipartimento di Architettura DA)


Dipartimento di Architettura DA (Jacopo GASPARI)


University of Bologna – Department of Architecture

City of Bologna

Foundation for Urban Innovation

Foundation Alma Mater (FAM)

Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, Faculty of Science and Technology (FCT/UNL)


Budget totale: Eur 99.565,10

Budget DA: Eur 34.853,85

Docenti e ricercatori collegati al progetto

Andrea BOERI


Danila LONGO


Valentina ORIOLI

Annalisa TRENTIN

Settore ERC del progetto

SH3 Environment, Space and Population

PE8 Products and Processes Engineering