Luoghi, forme e memorie del lutto nelle città contemporanee

  • Data: dal 25 ottobre 2017 alle 16:00 al 28 ottobre 2017 alle 16:00

  • Luogo: Ravenna - Bologna

Contatto di riferimento:

Ravenna, 25-27 Ottobre 2017

Bologna, 28 Ottobre 2017


International Conference


Luoghi, forme e memorie del lutto nelle città contemporanee


Contatto di riferimento: Sofia Nannini,

The Department of Architecture, the Theological Faculty of Emilia-Romagna and the Center for Studies Cherubino Ghirardacci are pleased to announce the opening of the call for paper for the international conference PLACES, FORMS AND MEMORIES OF GRIEF IN CONTEMPORARY CITIES, to be hold in Ravenna, October 25-27th.

This Symposium is dedicated to a specific  set of places of memory: those which – in urban, suburban or rural contexts – are able to absorb the memory of grief. Specialized places such as graveyards and churches which subtract or protect the recollection of death within their holy fences, are excluded.

The focus of this symposium is on those spaces, places, objects and monuments which are related to grief within the ordinary fabric of daily life – both urban and suburban – and which, also from a historical origin, overlook the contemporary city.


Authors are kindly requested to send proposals that could prompt critical analysis regarding the above mentioned topics. Proposals should give specific attention to spatial and social dimensions of the memory of grief, regarding the forms of memorials, behaviors and their ability to determine the social perception of space and time. The role of social and shared memory of grief is of great interest, especially if concerning the definition of identity and urban living.

This Call For Papers encourages proposals which draw from urban and architectural research, but also invites scholars of semiotics, sociology, law, literature, anthropology, religion, theology aesthetics and art to propose their analyses on the understanding of grief as a political and urban episode.

Acceptance of abstracts is subject to blind peer-review as it will be also for full papers to be published in the conference proceedings.

Conference proceeding will be published in IN_BO. Ricerche e progetti per il territorio, la città e l’architettura. ISSN 2036 160,, bilingual (italian/english) open access scientific e-journal indexed in the major national databases and in the most prestigious international libraries.

Important deadlines:

July 3rd: last day for astract submission

Abstracts have to be sent at

Please, see the call for paper file for any further information.